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1906 Cadillac Model H

There are many amazing old cars at the Gateway Auto Museum, but if I had to pick one as the "winner" of a best car contest in my mind, I'd pick this 1906 Cadillac Model H Coupe. According to the manager, there are only six known models (at most) still in existence. This 1906 Cadillac was the first car that was enclosed and designed with a circular steering wheel.

1906 Cadillac Model H
There it is ... in a beautiful red color.

1906 Cadillac
Imagine having those two lanterns as your head lights! :)
1906 Cadillac
The rear.
1906 Cadillac
The passenger side.

Understandably, the museum has a strict "do not touch" policy for visitors. Because of that, I could not capture a decent photo of the inside. (I would've needed to place my hand on the window to block out the glare.) The inside was very simple though, and in fact, I'm pretty sure I only saw four things inside: the ignition box, the steering wheel and two foot pedals. I'm not sure where the controls were for the transmission.

Head Light
A close-up of a head light.
1906 Cadillac History
The history of the 1906 Cadillac in the museum.


My walk around the Cadillac.

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