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1959 Cadillac For Sale - Fleetwood and DeVille

June 2013 - There are two 1959 Cadillacs for sale by the same owner in Western Colorado. One is a black Fleetwood, the other is a white DeVille. Both are hardtops. No information on what's under hood or whether they might run. The owner does not have the title for either of them. Asking price is $2500 for each. I'll update this page with contact information ... once it's confirmed that my friends won't be making an offer on them.
1959 Cadillac
A white DeVille and black Fleetwood. I owned a 1964 Cadillac awhile back, a wonderful car, but they do not compare to the majesty of a 1959 Cadillac!
1959 Cadillacs For Sale
The driver sides. I didn't see any rust on these cars. They've lived there entire lives in the dry western USA.
1959 Cadillac For Sale
The Fleetwood has its back window broken out. The DeVille has the fashionable wrap-around window in the back.
1959 Cadillac For Sale
This Cadillac model has to be in the conversation for the most beautiful rear design of a car. :)
Steering Wheel
A closer-up look at the rear of the 1959 Fleetwood.

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