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1964 Buick Wildcat

March 2013 - After visiting Wilson Arch and returning to Moab, Utah, I noticed this 1964 Buick Wildcat sedan with faded paint by the highway. (It was in front of an empty building near the Hole In The Wall attraction.) There was no sign saying it was for sale, and no one was around, but I had to stop and take a look at this beauty.

1964 Buick Wildcat
The body appeared to be pretty good condition. No major dings or body work needed. My sense is this car may have been owned by elderly folks who rarely drove it. Everything about it seemed to indicate that it wasn't driven much, and for better or worse, it had been sitting there for a long time and baking under the desert sun.

1964 Buick Wildcat
The front side.
1964 Buick Wildcat Sedan
The driver side. Who knows what the original color was? Red? Burgundy? Plum?
1964 Buick Wildcat Rear
The rear. Not much rust on this car.
1964 Buick Wildcat
This would definitely make a great restoration project for someone who loves these Buick Wildcats.
1964 Buick Wildcat
The passenger side. Three of the original wheel covers are still on the car.
Back Seats
Through the window, I noticed the good condition of the back seats.

The front seats were more worn, but it wasn't too bad for a car that's almost 50 years old.
Steering Wheel
A few cracks in the dashboard, but the steering wheel and controls looked in excellent condition for its age.


Someone's video of a bright red coupe convertible at a car show. Funny music in the background.

My video around the car.

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