1966 Chrysler Newport For Sale

1966 Chrysler Newport For Sale
May 2012 - This beautiful blue 1966 Chrysler Newport coupe sat on Main Street in Buena Vista, Colorado. It is for sale. After doing a casual walk around the vehicle and gazing at the interior and dashboard, the car appears to be in very good shape.

1966 Chrysler Newport I love the special styling of the back corners on the '66 Chrysler Newport.
1966 Chrysler Newport The tail lights and bumper.
1966 Chrysler Newport The passenger side.
1966 Chrysler Newport The front grill and head lights. In the background is the world famous traffic light of Buena Vista, which has its own Facebook page: facebook.com/buenvistaco.
For Sale The for sale sign read it "runs good." Asking price is $3500 or best offer.


Searching YouTube, above was the best video that shows all the ins and outs of this beautiful classic car.

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