1966 Plymouth Belvedere II

This car is for sale in Grand Junction ...
September 2012 - This green 1966 Plymouth Belvedere sedan was sitting beside a busy road in Grand Junction, Colorado. It is for sale. On this page are my photos of this classic car. 1966 Plymouth Belvedere
Overall, the body seemed in good shape.
1966 Plymouth Belvedere
It is marked as a 1968 Plymouth model, but it is clearly a 1966.
1966 Plymouth Belvedere Rear
The rear, bumper and tail lights.
1966 Plymouth Belvedere
The front grill, bumper and head lights.
Quarter Panel
I love the attractive Plymouth design in the back quarter panel!
Steering Wheel
Through the window, I got a photo of the steering wheel and dashboard.
Everything looks original, including the fabric on the seating.
For Sale
This car is for sale. Being in Grand Junction, the area code is probably 970. Good luck!


I couldn't find a 1966 commercial, but here's an old TV ad for the 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX.

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