1967 Dodge Polara

The 1967 Dodge Polara is one of those late 1960s classic cars that I've fallen head over heels in love with, even though I know it's against my better senses.

At first glance, the '67 Dodge Polara has the body of an ordinary rectangle. It's a merely a low-to-middle-end economy car that doesn't compare to the glorious muscle cars of the day. Let me be honest about what I love about this car - it's tail lights. Something about those large red triangular tail lights laying horizontally over the rear deck is so striking ... so beautiful.

A couple of years ago, I drove past a neighbor's place that had a large number of old cars. It looked like a junkyard. But in clear view, near the back end of his driveway, is a white 1967 Dodge Polara sedan. After inquiring, I learned the car doesn't have an engine and would be a major restoration project. The owner said I could have it for $200 if I towed it away. Sigh. Someday. :)

A 1967 Dodge Polara for sale in Virginia. A faded red coupe with white interior, the owner reports that it runs. Contact information at www.racingjunk.com/Dodge/2277658/1967-dodge-polara.html.
A sharp and sporty light blue Dodge Polara coupe. What a beauty! Read more: www.440magnum.com/mopars/2005/april/1967dodgepolara.shtml
Quite an interesting lime green Polara sitting on the roadside. This is part of the Old Park Cars website: www.oldparkedcars.com/2010/09/1967-dodge-polara-500-hardtop-coupe.html.
A white 1967 Dodge Polara convertible with red interior in excellent condition. Enjoy many more photos at: www.aasenamcar.com/1967polara.html.


A real 1967 Dodge Polara commercial. Lovely model! :)

Sharp dark red. What a classic!

Newly acquired Dodge.

With lights and a siren.

Walk around of a beautiful birch '67 Polara.

Going for a ride! Takes place somewhere in Europe.

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