1976 Dodge El Dorado Motor Home

August 2012 - At an auction in Buena Vista, Colorado, I spotted this 1976 Dodge El Dorado RV in reasonably good condition for its 35+ year age. It had 85K original miles and it was reported that everything was in working condition. Ahhh, to have something like this following and supporting me during a bicycle across America ride! :)

1976 Dodge El Dorado Motor Home
The motor home sold for $850.

1976 Dodge El Dorado Motor Home


I love the shades of brown and beige on the outside.

It reminds me of the beautiful uniforms of the 1970s San Diego Padres.

1976 Dodge RV I'm not sure why the makers of Dodge chose to call this an "El Dorado" ... considering Cadillac already had a line of cars with the same name. The makers at Dodge were never known to have much brilliance.
1976 Dodge El Dorado Having said that, it's still an attractive RV.
1976 Dodge Motor Home The rear.
1976 Dodge RV The driver side.
The bathroom and shower stall. The video better shows the entire spot.
Steering Wheel

Front Seats

The steering wheel and front seats also have that classic 1970s brown decor style.
Kitchen The kitchen area.
Motor Home


Attractive interior.
1976 Dodge El Dorado Motor Home A beautiful motor home.


A walk around and inspection of the inside.

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