Station Wagons

Lately I've had station wagons on my mind. As a child, I only traveled in a station wagon once or twice in a neighbor's massive Ford LTD (mid-1970's model), and honestly, I think I missed out on something. Oh the novelty of sitting in the opposite direction and looking at the car driving behind you! Maybe I'm crazy, but if I ever invest money and time into another classic car, it will be a station wagon.

Below are photos of numerous old classic station wagons. Enjoy!

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1968 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon
Excluding the tacky custom wheels, this is a beautiful beige late 1960s Chevorlet Impala station wagon.
1973 Buick Century Station Wagon
A Chicago man buys an '73 Buick Century station wagon and restores it to its former and original glory. What a beauty!
1972 Pontiac Safari Station Wagon
The 1972 Pontiac Grand Safari Station Wagon had a fun name and wooden side paneling as a feature.
1966 Cadillac Station Wagon
In 1966, Cadillac offered a special order station wagon. This bright red one is owned in Denver, Colorado.
1969 Dodge Coronet Station Wagon
No, it's not a muscle car, but you probably have not seen many of these.
1956 Pontiac Station Wagon
Only one photo, but wow, this is all you need. A spectacular 1956 Pontiac Station Wagon in California.
1960 Oldsmobile 88 Dynamic Station Wagon
Two 1960 Oldsmboile 88 Dynamic Station Wagons. One is for sale in eastern Canada. The other is a hopeful restoration project.
1960 Oldsmobile 88 Station Wagon
1958 Chevrolet Brookwood
A stunning and beautifully restored 1959 Chevrolet Brookwood.
1959 Chevrolet Brookwood


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