1921 Milburn Electric Car

Yes, there were pretty good electirc cars in the old days ...
February 2013 - At Allen Unique Autos, an auto museum in Grand Juncton, Colorado, is a 1920s electric car in very good shape. The company's name was Milburn, and they made cars that ran completely on electric. As it sometimes happened, Milburn was bought out by one of the large automotive companies and production of the cars was stopped. This was a strategy to eliminate competition for their gas-powered cars. Such a shame!

1921 Milburn Electric Car
The front side. Check out those skinny tires!

1921 Milburn Electric Car
The driver side. The overall body style reminds me of the 1906 Cadillac at the Gateway Auto Museum.
1921 Milburn
Another view of the car.
1921 Milburn Wheel
A close-up of the center of the wheel, which includes the Milburn marking.
1921 Milburn Electric Car
Another photo of the driver side of the car.


An excellent video in Pennsylvania of a guy discussing and showing off a 1921 Milburn Electric Car.

My video at Allen Unique Autos.

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