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1959 Plymouth Savoy For Sale

This beauty needs some attention ...
This old classic, a 1959 Plymouth Savoy sedan, is for sale by Orval's Used Cars in Delta, Colorado. Phone: (970) 874-5461. Asking price: $1995. There has got to be someone out there who is searching for this particular model, and I think this would make a great restoration project.

1959 Plymouth Savoy For Sale
I love that handsome front grill and design of the double headlights.

1959 Plymouth Savoy

1959 Plymouth Savoy


The front end of the car.

Some dings and dents.

The chrome ring around the right head lights is missing.

1959 Plymouth Savoy

1959 Plymouth Savoy

1959 Plymouth Savoy

The only rust spots that I noticed were in the front and back wheel wells, which was common for cars from that era.

1959 Plymouth Savoy Rear

Tail Fin

No, nothing is as magnificent as the tail fins on the 1959 Cadillac.

But, you know what? The fins on the 1959 Plymouth Savoy are wonderful too. I like it!

Steering Wheel The door was locked. Thus, I couldn't get good pictures of the interior.

The dashboard didn't have any massive cracks. The fabric for the seating appeared to be original. There was a blanket covering the back seat.

For Sale As the windshield states, it was driven onto the lot three years ago.

Buy this car! Please, someone buy this old car and restore it to its former glory!


My walk-around video.

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