1964 Dodge 880 Station Wagon For Sale

This 1964 Dodge 880 Station Wagon is for sale in Salida, Colorado with an asking price of $10,900. It has 98K miles and has had only one owner. Nearly everything is original. The overall condition is decent. The owner's contact information is below. Whether you're interested in buying this car or not, enjoy my photos of this beautiful classic station wagon.
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1964 Dodge 880 Station Wagon

There she is. What a beauty! The passenger side doors need some work.

1964 Dodge 880 Station Wagon

1964 Dodge 880 Station Wagon

I love station wagons so much, and this '64 Dodge model is an attractive one. I love the tail lights and rear design. And dare I say that's a "horizontal fin" adorning its side? :)
1964 Dodge 880 Station Wagon The front grill and head lights.
The driver side.

Light blue with a white painted top.

Steering Wheel and Dashboard A beautiful dashboard and controls. Nice speedometer across the top. Only one crack in the steering wheel.
Back Seat The front seat was covered. The back seat didn't look too bad, although someone restoring this would obviously want to replace it anyway.
Front Door The inside of the front door.
Hood Ornament Above the headlights are these Dodge hood ornaments. They look good.
Hubcap One of the four original hubcaps.
For Sale Again, this station wagon is for sale. The asking price is $10,900. Phone: (719) 966-9553.


Photos and video footage of one man's restored '64 Dodge 880 wagon. Great job!

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