1964 Dodge 880 For Sale

August 2012 - In Manitou Springs, Colorado, I spotted a 1964 Dodge 880 for sale that was parked in front of a Chinese restaurant. (I'm not sure if there's a difference between a '64 Dodge 880 and '64 Dodge Custom 880.) On this page are my photos of the car for those interested. The owner's contact information is at the bottom.
1964 Dodge 880 For Sale
The front grill, head lights and bumper. The car appears in good shape.
1964 Dodge 880 For Sale
The passenger side. I'm pretty sure those wheel covers are not original and from the 1970s.
1964 Dodge 880
I'd describe the color as silver with a touch of blue.
1964 Dodge 880 Rear
The rear bumper, tail lights and trunk.
1964 Dodge Custom 880 For Sale
Earlier in the year, I spotted a 1964 Dodge 880 station wagon for sale. Kind of interesting.
Attractive head lights.
Original Interior
Placing the camera on the window, a photo of the front seat. That is probably the original upholstery.
Back Seat
The back seats are in better condition.
Steering Wheel & Dashboard
The steering wheel and dashboard controls are really nice. I like this car!
For Sale Sign
The owner was not present and there was no information about the asking price, running condition, mileage, etc. The only thing listed was the phone number. Being in area code 719 (Colorado Springs area), the contact number is (719) 661-8480.

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